High-quality three-dimensional measurement record

In carrying out all projects, it is necessary to have precise measures for the preparation of the various construction, renovation or extension actions to be undertaken.


Our team takes care of your measurements in three dimensions, and brings you your sites on the desk.

Accessible from a web browser or on all CAD / CAD software.


More than just a survey, visit your site in total immersion while taking measurements at any time of the day 24/7 on different types of media (computers, tablets and smartphones).

Definition of specifications

  • Definition of specifications, quality levels and purpose of use

  • Unrivaled speed of execution, 4 to 10 times faster than a traditional survey.

  • 30% to 40% cheaper with more than a million points acquired by scan.

  • Exact digital survey of the site, without any interpretation and millimeter precision.

Our high quality three-dimensional survey missions allow architects and other contractors to obtain the interior and exterior survey of a building and generate the corresponding 3D plans which will serve as the basis for all types of work.

Results analysis

  • Visit the project remotely, visualize and analyze (measurements, surface controls).

  • The survey also includes the surrounding environment and allows a better understanding of the whole.

  • 3D modeling

  • Monitoring of construction progress, technical building documentation, structural deformation analyzes, 3D modeling of a site and its layout, recovery of a plan from an existing one, measurement of erosion of structures and sites, stability measurement of structures, 3D representation in perspective of the environment.

  • Volumetry of complex buildings, archiving of complex 3D volumetries, monitoring of reinforced walls or earthen structures, measurement of quarries and other applications.


  • Point cloud production

  • Orthophoto

  • Extraction of surfaces, lines, volumes.

  • Plans, sections, levels.

  • 3D modeling (mesh, texture)

  • 3D model (LOD 100/200/300/400)

  • 2D vector plans

  • Delegate access to the contractors who must intervene on the site to prepare their interventions and take the BIM train.

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