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By carrying out the surveys, our company gives you fully usable deliverables after a computer processing phase of the acquired point cloud.

Our solution, which can be consulted directly in the office from a web browser, allows us to understand a new methodology.

  1. Survey, acquisition on site by Évidences 3D

  2. Delivery of deliverables via our secure server

  3. Analyze, document and perform information extraction of dimensions, surfaces and others.
    Delegate access to various stakeholders for a virtual tour of the project, master of works and works, economists, etc. companies And take the BIM train .

  4. Prepare the course of interventions taking into account all the constraints, thanks to the acquisition of the nearby environment (aerial, terrestrial networks above ground).

  5. Extraction of exploitable 2D vector plans.


Carry out fast and precise measurements, analyze and control:


Structural deformation analyzes,

Quality Control,

Monitoring of deformations of a building or site over time,



Annotations, comments, and many other possibilities accessible 24/7 on any type of media.

3D documentation:


Access 3D scanning online via our secure server.


Our WEBSHARECLOUD internet platform is a secure cloud-based solution for storing and sharing digital data on the Internet.

Digital data, such as 3D documentation, often needs to be available to multiple project partners.

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