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Heritage preservation


Are you looking for a solution to finance your renovations?

Individuals / Companies

Do you want to be active in safeguarding heritage?

Our solution

  1. We carry out the complete survey * of the site for free

  2. We broadcast on our WebShareCloud (Computer, tablet and smartphone) via a subscription **

  3. We pay 25 to 50% of the subscription as a donation to associations to finance the work

  4. You can visit the site from anywhere

  5. You will be informed and you will be able to follow the progress of the works

  6. You can request to receive documents (plans, sections, elevations, photo)

  7. WebShareCloud access is more than a virtual visit, you can take information (photo and especially dimensions).



* Depending on accessibility and visible parts

** Cost from 2 € / year

Ancient Gallo-Roman Theater of Lyon

Evidences 3D presents the first results of the digitization of the Gallo-Roman theater in Lyon.


Over 4 hours of acquisition and 4 hours of assembly of 25 stations, with an accuracy of 6mm / 10m in color.

Another acquisition campaign is planned soon to focus on elements to be digitized in high definition (1.5mm / 10mm).

In partnership with the Gallo-Roman Museum of Fourvière and the Historical Cities association with the objective of digitally safeguarding this exceptional place.

The Castle of Veauce

Visit Veauce Castle in 3D immersion,

and become a player in heritage restoration:

5 euros per access, 25% of which is donated to finance the restoration.

Ask for your login details by completing the form.


Evidences 3D, offers an interior and exterior visit of the castle of Veauce in 3D immersion and undertakes to donate 25% of the amount of the access to the association for the safeguard of the castle of

Veauce in the form of a donation to finance its restoration.


Discover this building as you have never seen it, from station to station in order to obtain different angles of view, from the farmyard to the dungeon!

5 euros per access - 24/7 - Valid 1 year
During this visit, take measurements, study and analyze directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Follow the restoration work ...

Evidences 3D aims to participate in the safeguarding of heritage, by carrying out high-precision three-dimensional surveys, we digitally save these buildings of our History by creating a digital catalog accessible to all.


This new technology has many applications, including augmented reality which allows the superimposition of virtual elements on reality, which is meeting with increasing success with the general public.


Adapted to the cultural heritage and museums sector, it opens up new perspectives for the presentation of sites and works.

It is thus possible to present missing elements, to provide additional information, to reconstruct historical scenes or decorations, in a spectacular, fun and educational way.

Faro, cas d'application

We have therefore digitized the exterior of Chateau de Veauce as part of a mission to safeguard and restore the heritage.


The goal is to make a digital backup of this exceptional place, with over 4 million points of millimeter accuracy, readings in one day, discover our gross work without computer post processing phase.

The 3D digitization that we carried out allows us to better understand the interventions, to take measurements from the point cloud acquired, to make an observation and to highlight the heritage thanks to the virtual visit in total immersion by 3D Laser scanner.

In the desire to allow everyone to discover and visit this magnificent place in the History of France, Evidences 3D is proud to have been able to participate, at its height, in the safeguarding mission of Chateau de Veauce.

A single day was enough to digitize the Château de Veauce (exterior view only) with 11 positions for the acquisition of the point cloud, the assembly and the video presented above.

Graufthal cave house site

Cave houses site, complete site survey mission for a development and renovation project.

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